Please help been 18 bad days. What to do?

My bf broke up with me Frm 1 year relationship. He is a very emotional guy and uses to cry at little things, used to do super sweet things like gifts cards promises long texts and all, more than I used to. But I was always insecure, maybe it's just in my personality and hence used to doubt him and say to him that he considers his frnds more imp and does not makes me a priority... (maybe I was somewhere right, idk) though he was loyal through out (even I was) well bcz of this we used to have many fights and arguments due to which he got irritated and said *I'm tired with you, I'm giving up, you don't understand! He used to say forever and that he is luckiest! (was he fake? Or just immature? by the way we bth are 17) anyways so after 2-3 days of ignoring (he ignored me, talked to me rudely) I also said cruel things to him in anger (which just set his ego off) that day onwards he just ignored, I even said sorry and that I can improve! It's very bad, I can't seem to get over him, I also wrote a letter saying that I won't doubt and that we had good moments to. I send him and I got no reply. It took me 4-5 hours to write it and send pics of it! I just can't belive how the person who I used to think love me, just turned cold. What I'm supposed to do? I seem to get distracted a lot. (by all these thoughts!)
I feel rejected! (inferior :( can't seem to focus properly on studies


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  • It's over. He's not coming back. And this is what happens when you're insecure and take it out on your partner. Sooner or later, if they have any self-respect, they leave.

    All you can do now, is try to learn from this and take your lessons into the next relationship.


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  • Since he is young he doesn't know what love feels like. My advice to you is forget it and try to move on with your life.

  • Need to move on.


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