This is the second time my boyfrnd wants me to say sorry?

I dunt know how to react i have abused him lately every time we have fight he wants me to apologize just because of ths shit i loose my temper ! :-( tears
And even this tym he is continuesly provoking me that i have to be sorry however wot happened we both r responsible !

Sorry for the mistakes English is my second language
No rude comments !


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  • Uhmm... for me ofcourse I would not say apologise or something but I'll do nice things to make her apologise like brought her a gift or something like that... what he did is rude & un respectable & my opinion is he should apologise to u now.

    • Asker is a girl
      Em a girl !

    • I'm so sorry if u understood me in a wrong way but I'm not try'n to do a move or something or do'n something bad... where I from we do this word before say'n or writing something. ... im so sorry again.

    • No pob :-)

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  • Sounds like it's time to say goodbye.
    Neither of you are right here.


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  • so basically he wants you to apologize for being abusive and you dont want to do that?

    • He said few things too :-/

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    • so in the meanwhile, do something that calms you down. this way when he comes back you would not be as angry at him as u r and it will make things easier to handle

    • May be value of a person decreases wd time :-(

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