25 yr old boyfriend and I break up because he's not ready to be in a relationship?

After my ex's 25th birthday he started getting very distant with me, and I would only see him for a few hours a week. We had a mutual breakup where I was unhappy with how he had been treating me, and he said he felt like now that he was 25 he felt like anyone he was with should be someone he would want to marry, and he's so far from being married and maybe shouldn't even be in a relationship. A few days passed and we talked again and he still wanted to hang, have sex and said he would be upset if I hooked up with someone else? What gives? I know he cares about me, but what he wants me to be doing sounds like a relationship, does it not? GUYS, does turning 25 make you have a 1/4 life crisis? What is happening?


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  • He doesn't want committment but wantsthe benefits. Decide what you're happy with and make your boundaries clear.


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