My ex keeps staring at me but why?

So my ex and I run into each other often. We had a horrible breakup and I've been able to move on from that. He works at a store behind my house and I refuse to drive another 45 minutes to a different one just because he's there. We also frequent the same fitness locations. The problem is I go places and feel someone staring at me and I turn then I see him, gym, store or stoplight he just stares at me, doesn't smile or say hi, just stares. I'm not gonna lie its a little creepy. I have two questions. 1) why does he stare at me, he's in a relationship with the girl he cheated on me with? 2) should I say something, or wave or smile? I do laugh at how the mighty have fallen though.


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  • Confront him and than tell the girl

    • I'll probably confront him, but the girl not so much. I don't talk to the help.

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