Guys please help am I being reasonable?

My ex and I are trying to work things out.. yes people say dnt get back with an ex but he thought I hurt him and was in love with me so it's different in this situation.. but my ex doesn't text me until the evening at times but when we hang out he's so affectionate like he will pick me up in the air and give me a kiss, hug me kiss my forehead and even calls me baby.. however when I dnt hear from him throughout the day it makes me feel unwanted. He's told me before he's not ready for a relationship and not to pressure him but jst yest he told me "your the best gf ever" and today didn't get a message from him until midnight so I'm trying to take it slow only because I dnt want to pressure him as he says.. i mean I did break his heart? What do you think?


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  • He's an ex for a reason, why are you trying to get back with him.

    • Because I love him so much... he loved me back than but I wasn't fully ready he gave me his 100% n i failed to do that in return and broke his heart unintentionally but when he broke up with me i realized how much I truly loved him but I was scared due to a controlling relationship back than.. now being away from him drives me crazy.. and the fact that even since we've broken up we've never fully let go tells me something

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