Why is ex gf still saying I love you?

So I called her tonight to ask to come over and she didn't want me to come over cause she thought I was drunk. All I wanted to do was talk and she said she'd rather do it next week.

I'm so pissed off. Before we got off she said I love you to me. Why can't she just say she hates me so I can stop contacting her? I'm trying to make it work but she hasn't put any effort at all...


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  • If you want to stop contacting her you would, you don't need her to stop telling you i love you or stuff like this


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  • Um, I think the "make it work" part kind of expired AFTER you guys became exes... thats code for "move on". The feelings may be real, but the reality is that its over.


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  • Y u didn't say dont contact me? Y u want her to the step that u must do it yourself?


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