Does the dumper usually wonder what the dumpee is doing or do the just feel happy the relationship is over?

My ex broke it off with me after 2 year relationship due to basically wanting his space and freedom not wanting to commit to anything including work.
Since the break up my ex has contacted me at least twice a week, even doubling up on messages if I didn't reply.
He has asked if I have been seeing a friend of his but quickly said it was non of his business, obviously I answered his question as I have not.
I wonder over the last 3 weeks I have found I have been like an emotional roller coaster when it comes to my ex. It doesn't help that we have a child together.
I am wondering even thou he was the one to end the relationship does the dumper ever think about the dumpee or miss the dumpee or is it just a feeling of thank god the relationship is over?
Might add he wants to stay close friends he just felt he can't commit to anything but that may change in the future.


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  • Why the roller coaster? You two broke up right? That means it's over and done.
    He is trouble letting go. Do it for him. Cut him off, tell him you have moved on and so he should. Don't respond to his messages. If he doesn't respect that and keeps at it, block him


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