We dated for 3-4 months. She was crazy about me and then said she wasn't ready for a commitment and things moved to fast?

We dated for 3-4 months, She was crazy about me and wanted me to meet her family, I went to meet them and some of her close friends and she started to ask distant. I asked why and she said she didn't know what she wanted. we talked more about it and she wanted to take some space, after almost a week she wanted to talk and said she wasn't ready for a commitment and things moved to fast and she wanted to end things. the entire time was tough to understand because she was crying. What happened
She wanted me to move down to where she's from, I'm her first serious bf
first guy to meet her family too


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  • Maybe she was rebounding.

  • If you get dumped between 3-6 months you were just a sex toy to her. In other words you've just been used/played. That's how the world works these days, sad but true

    • What about being dumped after 1 month?

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    • Dumped after 1 month means she wasn't into at all.
      Honestly 3-6 months is average in friends with benefits type things. It's prob what she saw it as!

    • She introduced me as her Bf to everyone

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