Think he'll ever forgive me?

I broke up with my boyfriend in Oct 2014, since then he hasn't spoken much to me after repeated attempts to reach out to him. Everything I read said to keep no contact, improve myself yadda yadda. He never replied to anything I sent him, not even on Christmas. Well a couple of days ago I just started texting him like crazy and I couldn't stop myself. He told me to stop harassing him but I kept doing it, I finally stopped and realized that I really messed up by texting him non stop and that I looked like a sociopath. I have since stopped and he's blocked me on Twitter. Do you guys think he'll ever forgive me for this? I didn't say anything mean, the worst was calling him a severe narcissist which he then added to his Twitter bio! i really do love and care for him but his cousin said I mixed that up with emotional abuse. But I think this lengthy silent treatment he's been giving me is the emotional abuse! So what do you think? Will he ever talk to me again?


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  • You've come over as too needy. You are now as attractive to him as the contents in a babies nappy.
    If he said stop harassing him. STOP!

    Bad news for you is that any small fraction of liking he ever had for you is now gone. He sees you as a stalker and a psycho. Leave him alone now!

    I'm saying this from experience. I reacted badly and he got a solitictors letter sent to me for harassment.

    The guy is GONE!


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