Debating on breaking up with my girlfriend. Help?

I've been dating my girlfriend for almost a year (our one year is in 5 days) we are both in college but we go to schools 4 hours apart. When we first started dating we were seniors in high school and I was so in love with her. I didn't spend time with anyone but her. When she was leaving for college I cried for two days straight. But after my first semester at college, things changed drastically. In high school I didn't have friends and I didn't care about school. Now I'm very serious about my work, I'm popular, I go out and I meet new people. I love college and can't wait to go back. In summer, I never wanted it to come but now I want it so bad. Over winter break, my girlfriend and I fought a lot. She wants to be with me every single second and I can't stand it. I've told her I need my space multiple times and she gets angry. Since the last week of first semester, we broke up 5 times, the longest being probably 12 hours. She broke up with me 3 times and I did twice. The final time I thought it was it but 30 mins later when she cried, I started crying and we ended up getting back together. I love this girl so much and we've always talked about the future but the lack of space thing is maddening. I wanna go back to school just to be away from her. I feel like she's holding me back from growing as a person because she never lets me be alone and gets mad when I go out or even associate with girls. I love her but I don't think this is going to change. What do I do?
The hard part about this is how easily she can get in my head. I love her family and they're so good to me and she's done so much in the past but I feel like I'm being controlled. If I break up with her, how do I stand firm?


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  • You should talk to her about this, exactly this. And if you guys decide it's not going to work out, then that's going to be it. My boyfriend and I live 5 hours apart, we have our own lifes, own friends and aren't together all the time. You should explain her you need some alone time too and that when you are with other girls that doesn't mean you are cheating. I think she is afraid to lose you because in highschool you were together all the time and now you are not and that explains this behaviour you hate. Tell her she won't lose you, because you do love her and i think you should try to work things out. I think that if you talk to her in that way, her behaviour will drastically change. You need to have good faith else it's doomed from the beginning. You love her, keep that in mind and if you have so many things that got you guys back together after breaking up 5 times, i think that is also a sign you just need a good talk. I don't think it is worth breaking up over, because you might never find someone like her again.


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  • Just don't be that one guy, who breaks their heart and ends up realizing that you want her back. Just talk to her about things bro.


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  • Girlfriends should support and boost you not hold you back! Break up now and find a new girl, it sounds like you could replace her easily.


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