Boyfriend broke up with me out of the blue but hasn't changed his Facebook relationship status?

I've been with my boyfriend for a year, we have had the best year ever! Spent many days out, been on holiday, even spoke about moving in together this year, marriage and kids (not until we'd been together a few more years of course)
Sadly his granddad (aka dad to him) died a couple of months ago, and his nan (aka mum) years before. He was dealing with it in his own way, but our arguments became more frequent, and when he'd drink, he'd turn a bit shitty. I did absolutely everything for him, spoilt him at Christmas and he did the same.
A week ago, he went out drinking and randomly decided he'd drunkenly break up with me. I failed to believe this. The next day he was asking for time and space. I gave him it, only to receive a text telling me he can't be in a relationship and that he's not himself, he's not the same person I met a year ago. It turned a little sour, but after seeing him, he told me that this may not be the end and that he needs to find himself again (he has counselling booked). He promised to contact me when he's feeling a little more himself.

The annoying thing is he hasn't changed a thing on Facebook, his profile picture is of us and his relationship status is still with me. I know Facebook isn't a big deal, but for someone who's on Facebook more than I am, I felt this was odd...
I want him back, more than anything! But I know he needs to sort himself out, I just get scared that months down the line I'll still be alone, and he'll be moving on.


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What Guys Said 1

  • Well he hasn't come round to changing it - duh!

    Ask yourself this, is it really worth being with someone who ditches you by text?


What Girls Said 1

  • Crappy situation. He probably hasn't changed anything on Facebook because that would lead to more people asking him about his problems and he sounds overwhelmed as it is.


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