Why won't he just be upfront?

I was casually dating this guy for 5 months (more of a booty call type thing). Things started to get a bit weird in December - I don't really know why - and then about 2 weeks ago he told me we should take a break for a week.

We did and then yesterday night he text me saying "look you're a great girl but we both know you can do better than me..." Wtf?

Seriously - what does that mean? Why can't he just say what he means? Im a big girl - I can handle it. It's all this bullshit I can't handle. Does it mean he's seeing someone, that he's bored, what? Should I ask him or just forget about it all?


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  • tell him u dont know what he talking about and that he shouldn't play games or it will really be over, or something like that. maybe the relationship is not gonna workout and he doesn't want to take it anywhere anymore. i belive all relationships have to lead somewhere so maybe he is playing this game so you can pity him and give him affection or something im not sure but thats my guess since ur under 18 and he might be too

  • A lot of guys are afraid to say what they really feel so they take the cowardly way out. It might be that he's not interested or is seeing someone else or interested in someone else. You can ask him if you feel you need to know but if he gives you the run around, take it with a grain of salt and move in to the next one. You said it yourself, it was more of a booty call. If that's what it was then there's no need to bug out over it. Understand that It was fun while it lasted and move forward


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