Should I stay or should I go (should I break up with him)?

I feel like the relationship is falling apart... he's been rude to me lately, when I say my feelings he's been responding rudely lately... what do I do? He's said before that if I leave him he'll hurt himself. I can't be in this relationship anymore... but I don't want to hurt him...


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  • go to your school counselor or someone like that. that guy is a weirdo


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  • He is wet behind the ears in years here, dear, so Anything is possible, Impossible, with a guy this age Who-----Been rude to me lately. He doesn't have the class to be this Class Act as of yet and I can understand, you being most likely as mature as you are, can see it and find it a turn off.
    If you continue, it will only go down abeaten boysihs problem pattern path. The best thing to do is face him down, Sit him down and tell him the Facts of your own life that you have made up with your mind being set To------Can't be in this relationship anymore.
    He may be jus tpulling your leg on his end to ge tyou to stay. On the other hand, he may go ahead and do something but You can't allow yourself to Continue to Enable a relationship that you do not want to be in. When you would break the bad news, go easy and just explain to him: You are not ready for a Real relationship at this point in time and you don't want to hurt him but you feel it would be best at this time to be friends for now.
    With this, he may even feel a sudden sigh of relief that with you putting it mildly, you saved both of your lives in the end... who knows.
    Don't stay because you feel Obligated for someone to ride your pity wagon. It's not healthy, no way to live and in the end, someone always gets hurt anyways with a War of the Roses.
    Good luck. xx

    • Thank you

    • You are so welcome.. get back your life and end the strife.. it will be fine, stay friends for now. xx

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  • If you gotta ask then break up.


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