How to get over your first breakup?

First he wanted to fix things then he said he wanted a break and now he doesn't even want me in his life or try to fix our relationship. It hurts me I feel like he doesn't even care about our relationship or me. He doesn't want to talk to me anymore were before he still wanted to try and be friends and said he wanted me in his life and then all of the suddens he wants nothing to do with me. I keep contacting him to try and talk because i love him and wanted to fix things but he just wanted space and doesn't want me to talk to him anymore. I told him I'm not going to bother him anymore but I'm just so hurt because it seems like he doesn't care about us anymore and i feel like i fucked everything up. He use to always try and now its like he's done with everything. I don't get how he can just get over our relationship just like that or act like he's not hurt by all this. I just want to know how i can get over feeling shitty and heartbroken. He was my first love and he always tried to fix things and believed in us and now its like he just wants to throw it all the way which confuses the shit out of me because i thought he cared and didn't want me out of his life and now its like the complete opposite.


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  • I'm so sorry about that :( unfortunately heartbreak is a part of life. I got over my last breakup by having a few nights alone by myself, eating ice cream and watching my favourite shows on Netflix. After maybe two nights, I invited friends over to talk and it really helped, and we did girly stuff like paint our nails and do each other's hair, it was a good distraction. You have to give yourself time to grieve, but the trick is to limit it- for example, give yourself a week to be absolutely heartbroken and then after that you have to start working on feeling better. It won't happen right away but if you don't set a time limit you'll be sad for way longer and it'll seem worse and worse. Have your grief week and then after its time to get back out and work on yourself, buy something you've been wanting and maybe get your hair done or whatever will make you feel great about yourself. It will honestly help so much!

  • Eat ice cream have chocolate and don't watch shitty rom-coms. Find a friend and make them come round for the weekend then eat food together


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