Does his actions mean he wants to go a second round?

My ex and i broke up August 2012 (he left to work and travel overseas for an extended period of time). when he got back early 2014 we ran into each other and he talked about getting back together. He said he was going away for work for 2 weeks and would start slow when he got back.
i did not hear from him during that time so i took it as he was not interested. he then after 2 months invited me out to dinner but i declined.
Skip forward to Christmas 2014 we slept together again and he left saying see you soon.
I went on a holiday over new years but when i got back i contacted him to ask how he was. He extended the conversation asking lots of questions and noting things he had seen on my social media accounts.
We saw each other again recently and this time we did not have sex. just before we were going to he stopped and wanted to know what we were and my feelings.
He said he did not like that when we were together last time everything was on his turf and that he did not get to know my family. He was also annoyed that i never said i loved him (he didn't either though but i think he went to a couple of times). He then asked us to take it slow and that we aren't official just yet but have agreed to not go off with anyone. i asked him why he didn't actively pursue me in recent times and he said it was because he was rather shy and thought i was not interested and that i hated him. He then said we aren't having sex as he wants to make a good impression.

the next morning we were kissing and he said he wished he could spend all day doing that, and then he left for work. Later on that day he sent me a quick message saying work was not good as he was tired.

i don't know if he is keen this time as he has said he wanted to get back before and did nothing. tHe difference this time is we did not have sex and he has already contacted me?


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  • jolee1, you and your "EX" split up in 'August 2012,' and a period of two years went by and until you both had run into one another by maybe fate, No one was keeping in touch here, dear. '2 months' went by and when he decided to get together, you declined dinner...
    Now it is 'Christmas 2014 and you both got cozy in between the sheets and when it was over, he left with-----See you soon. This right there is telling me that he was going to contact you whenever he felt like it, no strings attached and yes, he was right later when he told you----We aren't official. After This, you contacted him and it seemed the beguine was beginning to get better, open lines of convo were becoming 'Better' and you got together, didn't have sex and out of the blue, out of his mouth was all the things that seemed to be bothering him with things that 'Annoyed' him. Then he is telling you that he wants to go slow with the flow and that there is no one else but you he is seeing and his other 'Excuses' under the sun about he 'Didn't actively pursue me in recent times...' Now it is coming down to the Sex with you and why 'We aren't having sex as he wants to make a good impression.'
    With his 'Kissing the next morning' and then later sending you a message of this and that... it sounds like he is at it again with being this fickle pickle Again and Not so sure You should wear your heart on your sleeve this time around for even this Time, he May not be 'Keen this time' as well with Anything he has said or what he has Wanted you to believe.
    He sounds sporadic, unpredictable and not sure if he really wants a Real Relationship with you. It seems every time he gets a little close to you or things go on with you both, he pulls away, disappears or and nothing is what you want it to be.
    For now, take things with a grain of salt and don't get your hopes up too high. If you Do finally realize it isn't going anywhere, give him his walking papers and get off The------Merry Go Round.
    Good luck. xx

    • i probably should have added he kept in contact with me when he was overseas. he always began them never me and we would chat for few hours

    • I see... however, it is back and forth after the break up and it seems he doesn't want to get back into a real relationship... go slow for now, feel it out and be on your guard... xx

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