What should I do after this situation?

I dated someone for a year & 4 months, it went well until one day. We had an argument in the car which started some real flames going. He got really angry & broke up with me in the car cuz things didn't go his way. So, he clarified to me it's over and I was totally okay with it. Now I'm confused cuz every month he texts me saying,"I miss you" "I want you back". But in my head I'm like you just said its over, why are you trying to get back with me? Yes, I still love this person of course & care for him, but I'm really lost. I don't want to go back cuz he hurt me by all means. What should I do?


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  • If you are really sure you do not want to give the relationship another try, then just ask him to please stop texting you and that he should just move on. But maybe you should try and talk to him and find out exactly why he dumped you and now he wants you back.

    • If we did happen to speak what should I say?

    • Just ask him why he wants you back? Why could he not sort things out that day in the car? Why did he have to break up with you? Just ask him what you want to know and tell him how you feel about the whole situation.

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