I'm the bigger person for not going off on her & "walking away"... Right? Even though it's ripping me apart?

My ex broke up with me BC I wouldn't have sex with him after 3-4 months of being together. I was honest with him before we even started dating & he said he'd take things slow. He tried to take advantage of me twice & then blamed it all on me, never owning up to any of it.

His soon to be sister in law & I got along fine while we were together & even awhile after that. But then she blew up at me BC I "should not have slept next to him & should have just left right away."

"Solving problems takes effort from both sides." I DID try to work things out, calling & texting him... he fell off the grid for 2 months before finally dumping me officially over a FBmessage.

I tried explaining it to her, but she wouldn't listen. Her fiancee (my ex's brother) is no better. He chews tobacco & tells her his brother chews & he just uses breath mints. How stupid can you be to believe that tobacco is breath mints? Sex must be good...

I was selfish in the relationship... I didn't wanna go see the Hobbit movie. But everything else I did for him. Jacking him off 2-3 times a day BC he wanted me to... how can a guy not be happy? :P

I learned from my mistakes; I tried to work things out. I should have just walked away too, but I tried to work things out. I just figured, since she seriously didn't like her future brother in law, she might understand... nope. Big John (ex) can do no wrong!!!

I wanted to bitch her out, but I didn't... I was doing good yesterday..."happy high"... but now it crashed.


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What Guys Said 1

  • I dunno! His family getting involved is bullshit, it's none of their business! I think you two were mismatched, he obviously wanted sex and you didn't. I suppose that's the moral of the story, depending on how old you are 3-4 months is a long time to wait for sex.. one of you should have ended it sooner. He's guilty of not respecting your values, you're guilty of leading him on in a way. These people sound like they're all about drama so you did the right thing walking away, fuck 'em.


What Girls Said 1

  • Any person who doesn't respect your values when it involves your body is not your friend and in my opinion shouldn't ever be boyfriend material. Don't feel bad because you have empowered yourself by standing your ground. Some people no matter how many ways you try to explain will refuse to see any other side of the argument so good for you for walking away! You are your best friend and you know inside what's good for you and what's not. Stay strong! :)


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