3 months after breakup, 1 month no contact (NC). I want to reconnect with her, what do I do?

I'm completely devestated. I was planning for a month on getting her attention. After much advice from friends, one mutual friend broke the news to me that she is seeing someone. She had pictures posted up on Facebook of a recent vacation they had together. I feel so embarrassed and ashamed in front of my friends. They say it could be a rebound relationship and that my plan on getting her attention sounded sweet, but I was advised on the possible outcomes. I am greatful that I have friends to support me through times like these but I know what I have to do now. I'm still in the fence on going through with that plan to get her attention. I know that if I don't do this then I might feel regretful later on. But if the outcome of of getting her attention goes sour then I might even regret having to go through with it. Please help, any advice or expriences that you can share would help.


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  • What was the cause of the break up? Because if you left her then its possible that she may thank you for reaching out but if she did the breaking up then leave it alone. Now if you broke up with her and she is happy with where she is she may respond but she may tell you thanks but she's happy and knows it was for the best. I have never gotten back together with someone I broke up with or someone who broke up with me. I never go back to what didn't work or what hurt me. If its meant to be then it will happen. If nothing more contact her and tell her you just wanted her to know you still care about her and you are sorry (if it was your fault) for everything turning out the way it did. You'll have her respect and peace in your head and heart.


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