These girls won't leave my husband alone?

He drives a cab and picks up rides with a lot of women which is fine. My problem with it is, is they touch him all over his chest neck and all and one did it in front of me and he never asked them to quit. We've been through that and he told me he always corrects it and doesn't let them touch him from now on. Well one time a girl jumped on his lap in front of me. Well just yesterday, one touched his neck and shoulders and he DIDN'T Tell them "Please Don't Touch Me!!!" after years of this I've had enough and am not in love. I told him 1 more time of not telling any girl to stop touching him that I was going to divorce so am I right or am I wrong and anyone can relate and think about how it would feel to sit beside your wive/husband and watch another man/women feel him/her up and him/her not correct it.


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  • I don't blame you for being so upset. While it's true that your husband has zero control over the women and how they behave toward him, he DOES control how he reacts and how he sets his boundaries with them.

    If some man had his hands all over my partner, I'd want to kill him first and then give her a piece of my mind as well.


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  • How about you give him some medicine of his own?
    I mean you must have some guy friends
    Invite them and tell them what he's doing and its disturbing you and when your husband is home they would just touch you (not like your neck or breasts.. Just to make him jealous and teach him some lesson)
    And he would go mad and he will understand how you feel
    If he didn't react to anything
    Then he's not a man
    And by the way, I'm sorry to say this maybe he doesn't say don't touch me cause he actually enjoys being touched. and if you don't stop him he might end up going to bed with them. never forget he's a man


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  • Well, while I empathize with you a great deal, we need to think about a few things:
    1. Is he committing adultery or is likely to commit adultery?
    2. Are these women a bit inebriated? Alcohol makes women a bit hornier and less inhibited.
    3. Is driving a cab your husband's primary source of income?

    The women will keep coming, no matter what, and you can't control their state of inebriation. So, if they are inebriated, they are simply enjoying flirting a bit with your husband but that doesn't necessarily mean that they want to fuck him. Now, if driving a cab is your husband's primary source of income, then you probably enjoy the tips he gets from his fares. I bet he gets nice tips from inebriated women who get to play with him a bit... If he gets defensive like "Please don't touch me!", that's understandable, but he also risks alienating his fares and not getting any tip. If these women are well-to-do (and they likely are), that simple sentence can be the difference between getting a $20 or even $50 tip or getting no tip at all. So, as long as he doesn't fool around with them, letting them touch him or have a minute of fun is likely rather economically rewarding to both your husband and you.

    Unfortunately 2000 characters is not enough to convey what I want to explain, but think of your husband as like a male exotic dancer. Ladies have fun, he gets tips, but there isn't necessarily going to be any fornicating involved. I know it might be tough, but the extra money he gets from them is helping keep your family and home intact.

    All of that said, if you genuinely think he might commit adultery, then getting him to say "no" to the women isn't good enough - he'd need a new job.

  • Looks like he is actually 'enjoying' what those girls are doing to him. In fact, those girls are not to blame, it is your husband who needs to be held responsible here. Have a serious talk with him one last time, and divorce him if he doesn't relent.

  • Your husband is hot!
    He's your husband... you have to learn to trust him...

    • trust has nothing to do with disrespect, k look them two up in the dictionary!

    • Okay, continue to be insecure and mad.

  • How old are the girls?

  • If he were a woman and it were men doing that to him, that would be called sexual assault or harassment.

    • exactly

    • So why are you blaming him for their behavior? It seems like women blame men regardless of which side they are on. Are men just guilty in the eyes of women no matter what they do?

    • I didn't blame him but I think it's wrong that he didn't ask the nicely not to touch him. He don't want other men touching my neck and rubbing all over me so I'm pretty sure that is none of your business anyway thank you

  • Complex issue. First question -- do you give him the sex that a man usually craves for in a relationship? How often?

    Secondly, I can understand the jealousy. But how long have you been married? Is it possible that the spark might have gone out of your sex life?

    Thirdly, anybody does like a little flirting sometimes. I like it too. It doesn't mean I'm going to jump into bed with anyone whom I make a flirtatious comment to, or whose hand I touch... (My wife is also aware of my porn-watching habits, which I badly need as we are sexually mismatched, and fortunately she doesn't see this as a rival to her!)

    Maybe you should set the border for what is acceptable behaviour. From what you write, I get the impression that your husband is a handsome hunk, and maybe doesn't get the appreciation (sexual) that he might have once got from you. To tell a girl "Don't touch me" might come across as excessively rude. I wouldn't say that to anyone, though I'd keep my own boundaries...

    Does this make sense? Speaking as a guy...


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  • Your husband loves the attention and I wouldn't be shocked if he was doing more to serve his clients.

    You cannot make those women stop.
    Because he would not be putting your verbal warnings to effect.
    He would keep letting them do what they please.

    I would have left over this already.
    Clearly, his actions show those women are more important to him.

  • You should tell those skanks to keep their hands to themselves then whenever you see it. Post a sign in the cab "touch him and I'll find you"
    Kidding. He sounds like he doesn't care.

  • I would of left him long ago personally.


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