Does I need time to think mean he's going to break up with me?

I got really emotional and chewed out my BF for not calling the other night I feel absolutely terrible he didn't talk to me for four days two days ago he sent me a text saying he needs time to think. Is he going to break it off I don't understand y it would take this long to figure stuff out. I have apologized ik I was in the wrong and I want to work it out what do I do


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  • When girls use that line, its usually just a lie but when guys do, he's really thinking about it. He's measuring his pros and cons. If you can chew him out over something so little (because he missed ONE phone call) he's wondering how you would react if something big were to happen like if you heard a rumor or something. All you can do is wait, i mean, when a girl says they need time to think, sometimes it could take weeks lol... all you can do is wait. The apology was a good step, but it doesn't change what happened, the relationship is already in a tailspin.

    • I don't understand you'd need that much time tho I haven't contacted him or anything and why wait for 4 days to tell me he needs time doesn't make sense to me

    • Guys don't understand it too when they are made to wait because a girl is trying to "figure things out", all you can do is Wait. And hope he won't run, because like i said, if little stuff like that bothers you and you reacted, he DOESN'T want to see how you will act on big stuff. At that point he was contemplating break up, but you said you apologized... thats good... he has added it to the pros.. you can admit when you are wrong. He'll come back, just give him time and stop trying to understand anything. If you start pushing or spamming him, that will be added to the Con section, and he WILL leave you.

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