My wife kicked me out of the house because I was caught photo shopping her on ugly bodies - does she have the right to refuse me entry to my home?

My wife says she is scarred when she saw pics of her on a memory stick, depicted in may awful poses, her head on other bodies.

She has kicked me out, cancelled all of our joint bank accounts and credit cards.
She has said we are through, i never saw tis coming and just the weekend before we were with our parents and everything was good.

She said she had been planning this for a while and the pics were the last straw according to her.

I have been seeking counseling, and have since lost my job as the company i work for went broke.

She has 2 kids from previous marriage, i have none.

Does she have any right to not allow me access to the home we both own and is there any chance that she will forgive me.
Despite me asking to move back in and give it another try and my request for us to seek counseling together, she continues to refuse


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  • How old is your wife 12?
    This has to be a joke.


    • SHE IS 48. No joke, she didn't liek her face being photoshopped on fat naked women and whores.

      She even made the comment that this was worse than if i had an affair.

      I STILL can't WORK IT OUT

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  • Come on man! Grow a pair and get back in your own fucking house. If she doesn't want to be around you she can go to a fucking hotel.


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  • I think that depends... do you often treat her disrespectfully?
    Why were you photoshopping her head onto people?

  • Why would you do that? Are you unwell?


What Guys Said 1

  • Ahahaha.. Yup she can give u a tight fucking kick... But why u own joint assets Instead of knowing frequent breakup cultures there?


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