Missing the guy who "ghosted me " ?

I was seeing this guy for four months when he just stopped texting me or wanting to see me. I've made attempts to contact him and he has answered back but very brief and not really going anywhere conversations. Since we have stopped talking I have since gotten back with my ex and this guy knows I'm dating someone by social media. However , I still miss him I think mostly cause I never got closure is there anything I can do to heal my unmdended heart


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  • Well he pretty much cut ties, it sounds to me like he isn't very interested in talking to you. If you want you can text him and ask what is going on. Get closure. If you still miss him after that... well then stop talking to him, forget about him and concentrate on the one you are dating at the moment. If you do feel something for the other or are not sure I'd say break up and give your mind some time to sort things out.

  • It's terrible when someone just disappears from your life and you don't know why. I've had a similar thing happen with my ex. He just stopped messaging me after a while. He didn't respond at all practically from one day to the next. I was very confused and very hurt. Months later I found out he started dating a girl around the time he started to ignore me. It's an explanation but I still find the way he just cut me off without saying a word was very cruel and rude.

    I don't think you should look for answers. You are with a guy now and you should concentrate on this relationship, rather than a dead one with someone who doesn't want to be in touch with you. I know it's easier said than done, but you can't let this consume you and have an impact on your life. If you "stalk" him on social media you should stop, if you still attempt to contact him you should stop. If he wants to talk to you, he will.


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