Does this sound like a typical rebound relationship?

- got together a week or two after split
- the whole relationship is rushed
- it's been just over a month and he claims he is in love.
- he rubs the relationship in my face.
- when he was with her in the beginning he told me he still missed me.
- he also still carried on playing games for the first couple of weeks he was with her.
- she lives 2 hours away so it's a long distance.

This guy is really insecure and wouldn't rush into anything because he is scared of getting hurt again from his first love. Nor would he flaunt his relationships on social media, especially so early on.


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  • Sounds just like mine lol.. was together 8 years nearly he met her on Twitter within the wk of us breaking up.. slapped everything on social media and continues to do so.. he lives next door she lives an hr away.. they make a point of being next door so I can see them kissing etc.. He still to this day emails me every now and again using stupid excuses then starts to be nasty.. These people are vindictive nasty individuals who can't move on but can't be alone its called being needy must have a girlfriend.. His is now nearly 3 months into his relationship and he is only with her on weekends.. I still think its a rebound as its moved very fast.. Im over him too a few months of hurt no eating cryin all the time then now its gone to bitterness but I dont n wouldn't have him back and I think you should think the same once a guy is like this they ain't gona change hunny.. your worth more focus on you and move on easier said than done but if i can then you can xx


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  • Is this guy your ex?

  • I would say rebound.

  • Trying to jelous you silly


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