Nothing worse than being made out as crazy?

If I was so crazy why was he trying to get my attention on different sites? Yes I'm the creepy ex lover who hounded ex in emails and texts like I'm sorry he broke my heart.. I turned every insult inwards, every name he called me stays inside my head.. I'd go for revenge but that would reinforce his opinion of me being crazy. i asked to meet him to ask why he was contacting me he got a female to call me up and give abuse. now prior to this he was messaging me through what'sapp asking if I wanted sex with him and had feelings for him, again asked why he was doing this and why he still had my number, his reply was haha you still like me? then blocked me I eventually changed number, saw he was viewing a profile of mine online few weeks ago totally ignored it can't be bothered with drama but it did shake me up I will admit.
he's 29 years old I really hope karma gives him a swift kick where it hurts.
Why do people act immature?
Am I crazy here, yes I did wrong with the texts and emails but that was 18 months ago why am I continually being punished

just hate being made to feel so small


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  • No, that's what he wants other to think.

    • Why tho he wanted rid so I disappeared why persist some form of retard or mental disorder

    • Because he is crazy :) He could be missing the sex, and hope he can come back for more, butqlso doesn't want to show regret.

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