Seeing someone bashing their ex on Facebook?

I saw someone bashing their ex girlfriend really badly on Facebook, even his friends were all joining in and saying really hurtful mean things, and I know for a fact many of the people (his friends) joining in don't know her personally, they just wanted to be mean and bash along with him. The girl isn't even on Facebook anymore, she deactivated her account because of him a long time ago because she said he was emotionally abusive, she's quiet and isn't the type to want loads of attention like he does. I think she may know about his actions now with the bashing online but I'm not sure. Why would a guy do this? And why would people join in bashing her if they're only hearing his side? Should she do anything about this if she's not on Facebook anymore? I just can't believe how immature people are, these people aren't in their twenties either! Any advice on this would be great..


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  • It's quite Obvious He is Immature, a sore sport and gets his kicks by Kicking her down to the ground, trying to humiliate her in front of his own peers here, dear And------They just wanted to be mean and bash along with him.
    He is having a hard time in moving along, moving on, which why he is 'Bashing' and thrashing her... however, in my eyes, he is only making himself look like a fool with egg all over his sour puss.
    You have seen what he is all about, know what he is doing. If he Is a friend on there, Delete and block him so you don't have to see what the cocky rooster is Plastering and bastarding all over.
    His so-called 'Friends' are going with the flow just to make themselves look, so they think, as Big a man as him in front of the rest... however, they too only make themselves look even like a Bigger rotten egg and they also should be Excluded from your list of friends and considered----Fair weather friends.
    You will meet all kinds of 'Immature people' out in the world. And along with boyish behavior and catty cats as well, is Corruption and crime going on all the time. I have accepted it, take it with a grain of salt, and if I don't 'Like' something, I either walk away, close my ears or even on sites such as these, I have learned to Block And----Forgot.
    It;s guys like this who are reasons for the seasons Why many people 'Deactivate' and avoid the Online Drama Queen raw deals.
    Good luck and blessings for the new year. xx

    • Thanks for your advice, he's managed to get a lot of people to talk bad about her on Facebook. I'm sure he's even making up lies just to make her look bad and him the good guy so he can get pity from others. It just gets me so angry to see people that are quiet and not able to defend themselves get bashed this way online, it's bullying. He's in a band so he has a good amount of friends/followers on Facebook, these people just disgust me now.. they think they're "so cool" to stand by him and bash his ex who they know nothing about. I told her about cause I thought she should know. Reasons like this is why I hate social networks at times, people just follow other people and have no opinion of their own, they just agree with him only cause they want to be okay with "the cool band musician". It's so wrong

    • Yes, I see what you mean with this "the cool band musician." trouble is, people who are like this dude , are just as rude and crude... yes, definitely wrong and he is acting very childish. And when you told her, she probably wasn't surprised that this dick with a pick was like this, which is Why they are not together now, thank God. xxoo

  • People are both primitive and manipulative; in a lot of these situations, when you get with someone who has a very low rate of rationality and very minimal perception, you can find that they have certain traits such as these. Abusive personality types tend to want to justify someone leaving them as the fault of the one who left rather than themselves, likely because they're narcissistic. To put it simply: he's an asshole. People join in because they want to be part of a group: in a group, you follow the strongest person. It gives a sense of power and belonging.

    If I were your friend, I would report it. Both on Facebook and other authorities, perhaps like school teachers, even the police if the threats become violent. She doesn't have to go as far as taking him to court, but speaking with someone with a legal background could open up more options for her.

    • Thanks for the advice. Well both of them are not in school anymore, these are grown adults. He's actually in his thirties if you could believe that! I just feel it's so unfair for her getting bashed this way when they don't know the whole situation and also she's quiet and off Facebook so nobody has come to her defense. He's just a jerk!

    • And you're right about him being narcissistic, he's very narcissistic. Especially on Facebook he only cares about his image

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