Through Hell and back (click on my other "questions" for more info, as I wrote about this 2 months ago). What do I do?

I went through a bad break up 4 months ago.

I'll start from the top. We met through an internship program at our school that took us abroad. I knew about her and had a crush on her, but we didn't talk until we were there. We worked during the day and had classes at night, my roommates were good friends with her and our class field trips were ALWAYS together. However, what made it work was the INSTANT chemistry we had. Issues did start coming up early though and 4 months later...

She broke up with me over the fact that she couldn't handle the issues the relationship forced her to through. On my end, I do have emotional issues as well as trust issues with everyone. However, she liked to have complete understanding and control of things in a relationship, which she has never been in. In case your wondering, she's 20 and I'm 24. The break up ended publicly and i unfortunately cried and begged. However, I texted her at the end that "she was right" and apologized about crying. I immediately started reading break up articles. I found this site. Going to therapy. Even having to survive a disasterous quarter because of this (and a legal issue, but mostly this) and running away twice from my parents house (once on Christmas eve). I texted her "hey" 2 weeks after the incident, but nothing. A month later, she unfriended me on fb and unfollowed on tumblr. I didn't notice and sent her a message saying "finally finished season 1 of dr who. :) How are you?" a day later she replied to stop messaging her, threatened to block me, and that we are not friends. I said apologized and said block me if you want. and she did. It's been 2 months since then and nothing has been said.

On one of the "anonymous" chat boards that the school has where students can ask for advice and be helped by other students/TAs, her best friend comments on my post unaware of who i was. He was the most helpful and I proceeded to create a fake account where I could reach out.
- Cont. read the update?
This guy has no idea who I am. I know I'll have to tell him soon, but he strangely started to "sell" my ex when I said I was looking for a Dr. Who fan to go out with. (again, this may have been a mistake.) Even though i feel better and am moving forward, she is still relevant in my mind and I don't know why I'm stuck on this girl. I've gone on dates, but that hasn't helped. I know I don't want to get her back until I fix myself for myself, but am I still going through heartache after 3 months?


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