Ex sending mixed signals. What should I do?

So my ex broke up with me about 4 months ago saying she didn't feel anything when she saw me anymore. We haven't talked in almost 3 when I gave up trying to get her back but a couple nights ago texted her apologizing about being rude in the last text i sent and said happy belated birthday and whatnot. '

She replied by saying thanks and saying she was messed up to because she was going through a lot and she pushed me away along with everyone else except her bestfriend. I asked what that meant and then she said "umm I don't know wanna try being friends again?" to which i said yeah, we talked a little that night and everything seemed ok but since then she's been either really short responding or would just completely ignore me.

I dont get it at first she was sorry for pushing me away and made it seem like she may have regretted breaking up but now she acts like she doesn't want to talk to me. What should I do?


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What Girls Said 1

  • She's your ex for a reason

    • yeah yeah I know but im still confused.

    • Move on, she dumped you once trust me she's able to do it again

What Guys Said 1

  • Best advice? Don't talk to her. If anything, it looks like she doesn't miss you but misses your attention. She had it just like that, then left. Next time she asks question, play her game and get her interested in you.


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