Best breakup - how was it done?

When you had only dated for a short while and you or the other person ended things in a very good way, how did you/they do it?


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  • I moved her softly towards another guy. No drama, no tears.


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  • Break up sex

    • It wasn't a mixed message?

    • Not really it was more like farewell here is something for you to remember that you won't get again. They were not aware that was my plan but that's what made it so sweet was because they were thinking that I would be the one running behind and wanting them back but that's how I reversed things. You didn't use me in the end. You literally just just got fucked lol

    • LOL
      Wow, remind me not to get on you bad side. (c:
      ... then again, when we used to say, "we're so screwed!", I had a friend that would always respond, "you're speaking of it like its a bad thing". ... wait, now you've even got me twisted around. Evil. (c;

  • Okay. So he was sitting down on a seat and I walked up to him and I said, 'We can't date anymore." And of course he was like, "What? Why? What's wrong babe?" And then I said to him. "My bestfriend likes you, it'd be wrong of me to keep dating you." (My bestfriend didn't actuallly like him.) I started walking away but he quickly caught up. He said to me. "I know how to fix this, let's have a threesome. That way, all the ladies that want me, get me." I was really surprised that he said that to me. I then smiled, leaned closer and kicked him in the balls. Lmao. That was my best break up.

    • LMAO, thanks for sharing. I had intended the question to ask how to ease the other person into the idea that things were over.

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