Will this be a rebound, her leaving me for another guy?

So if an ex GF, dumped me for another dude. will that be a rebound? she may or may not have taken a few weeks to start up with him, I was dumped suddenly after what was a great connection.


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  • He will dump her or cause her a lot of heartache and pain. She'll regret it one day, but by then you will have moved on and realize you she was definitely not the one for you. You will find someone you that will treat you the way you deserve. She will kick herself for making a poor choice.


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  • rebound will be if she had dated the guy before you... then he's the rebound.
    if she tries to come back to you after him... you are the rebound.

    • we were together 13 months but I suspect she left me for him or met him right after or cheated

    • Then it has nothing to do with rebounding. She just left you. You need to put on your good riddance face and find an even better girl.

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