How to handle my girl breaking up with me?

She broke it off with me this morning leaving me crying and in pain so I took the rest of the week off at work.

Anyways she just text me asking I'm I ok ummmm I don't know what to say she just broke up with me this morning should I even reply?
Is she feeling regret of breaking up?


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  • Just ignore the text message, delete her number and everything to do with her and have a fresh start with your life :) Keep distracting yourself and be around family and friends and it will help massively :)

    • I shouldn't reply? We were best friends before we hooked up... But I think she cheated and feels horrible that's why she broke it off she told me she is doing what she said she wouldn't do and that is hurt me... She won't admit she cheated

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  • You're not enemies of course you can reply. Be honest and say no. And remember today's pain is tomorrow's strength. You can only get stronger. You will get through it.


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  • Do you want to respond? Yes? Then don't do it. No? Then do it. I always found that doing the opposiye of wanted I wanted to do in these kinds of situations helped out. Maybe I'm relationship dyslexic. Fuck it. don't listen to me.. or do...

    • I responded just chilling and she replied she is sad that she hurt me.

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