Why did I get over the breakup faster than my ex, when he is the one that dumped me?

My ex texted me after four months and said that he wants to be friends with benefits. (he dumped me because he didn't want to have a long term relationship after seven months of dating.) I told him that I have no problem being his friend, but friends with benefits is out of the question. When he asked why, I told him that I had more respect for myself than that and that I had met someone else. He was shocked that I had completely moved on and started seeing someone new. He said he had not moved on from his sexual desire and feelings for me. Is it harder for men to move on from a breakup, even when he was the one who dumped me?


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  • No, he has clearly moved on if he just wants to be FBW. He must still like you if he wants to see you some more, but his feelings probably aren't very deep, and him just up and asking for friends with benefits after dumping you is too far... Block this guy, or if you still like him just keep him as a friend-without-benifits.


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  • He sounds really immature. Wants his cake and eat it too.
    Ew, he sounds so annoying.


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  • lol yr ex is a jerk. U need to block his ass


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  • you didn't like him that much. And you knew you're worth more


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