Thinking of giving up on love?

I've been hurt and heart broken so much that I feel like im better of being forever alone. its hard to have hope in love when it always ends in heart break for you. What do you think?


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  • I think a lot of people have been where you are now. In fact, a lot of people probably have been there more than once. I pretty much feel that way each time a relationship ends, but then somehow I pick myself up again and it give another try. I've been in a relationship for 1.5 years now and I'm happy, but I always say that if this one doesn't work out, I'm just going to stay single. However, I realise how unlikely that is.

    You are still young, there's still plenty of girls for you to meet and a lot of experiences for you to make. And yes, unfortunately some of the experiences won't be nice, but that doesn't mean that they won't be valuable. As stupid as it sounds, getting hurt is sort of a part of falling in love. It doesn't always have to be a part of it, of course, but a lot of the times relationships don't work out and that ends in pain. The good thing is though that that pain never lasts forever. Don't give up hope, but also don't rush things. Also, when a relationship ends, you shouldn't only focus on it ending and on the pain it causes/caused, but also on the happy times you've had when it was working.


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  • What's going on?

    • just heart break after heart break makes me think I will never find that person. that feeling that my happiness doesn't seem to last

    • Love is real and amazing, and can always be had if you set aside your fear in a deep way. Learn to love without fear or shame of what others think, and you will find interesting female companions that may bloom someday into something more. Break-ups really suck, but do not need to be the end of the world. Forgive the ex's and yourself, move on, and don't forget what you learned each time. Onward.

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  • You haven't met the right person yet which means the right one is still out there. If you give up you are cheating yourself out of the love you could have with that one. If you give up, you are ensuring that you remain alone and unhappy and bitter.

  • Not even 25 and you're giving up? I think you're being over dramatic. You're too young to give up.


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