What should I do? I don't want to live! Begging you for help?

Long story short. It all went too fast from being friends with benefits to relationship. 2 months of relationship by now. After a while I found out he still talks to his ex he was previously madly in love with. He said they're very close friends, as they grew up together and share a lot in common. They dated for some years and broke up 2 years ago. So I said non- regular talks are okay, he said it's 1 time in 1-2 weeks.

I went through his phone last night. He had sweet long conversations with his ex almost EVERY DAY. He let her know the things I didn't know, like what exactly he was doing, she sent him lots of pics of her face and he complimented "beautiful", "your mouth is perfect", "cute".. And I was NEVER mentioned in their conversations. She just knows I exist, but not as gf.

I blocked her contact, and changed our fb status to "in relationship". He never wanted to have it like this. Guess what. We had argument at night. He said he can't choose between me and her, it's impossible. That he doesn't have any feelings for her.

We went to sleep and he tried his best to comfort me, saying that from now on he will behave good in the way I want. The same in the morning. But as soon as he found out about fb status, he said "it's too much" and left my house.

What should I do in this situation?
*Note: we both study in a foreign country; his ex, friends and parents live in another one.


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  • So wait, you blocked her on his profile? Well this is awkward. You are quite obviously the rebound here, although I find it silly that he would give something a chance that didn't work after 2 years.


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  • Well I think you shouldn't gone trough his phone since thats his private life, you wouldn't like it if he did the same to you but is really immature from your part to post something in Facebook since he never told you you could do it, there are boundaries in relationship too. Just because you guys are dating doesn't mean you guys own each other since he told you he is not gonna choose between you guys ill say leave him alone dont. Beg him or you are gonna get make him tired let him have his own space for a least a couple of dayss and then if he look for you back is because he loves you if he doesn't let him go


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  • Leave him.

    He's lied to you, he's disrespected you and he's lying to himself. He's still in love with his ex and you'll never compete with tho girl.


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  • He has feelings for his ex and he shouldn't be in a relationship until he deals with those feelings and is fully available to someone else. You shouldn't settle for a man hung up on an ex who is not able to be fully committed to your relationahip because he is thinking about his last one.


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