Did your ex ever come back to you, after he or she broke up with you?

im trying to come to terms with the last 2 months, who were rough on both of us. Miscarriage included. For some reason she just hates me now, and has this very bad opinion about me. I've tried talking to her, and we managed to have a phone conversation. well more or less her disagreeing with everything i said.

she said several times that she was done, i knew she is seeing a younger guy, almost directly after all this. i suspect it to be a rebound. During the phone call she also said something about maybe later we can try again. didn't make any sense to me. she doesn't block me from social media, and last time we crossed paths, she saw me with another good looking girl ( not interested in her, not that she knoiws ). and she seemed upset, and shocked , i greeted her but she didn't greet me back.

have you ever gone through something like this ( rebound included ) , how did you handle it, im going to try NC because she broke up with me, and work on myself, and initiate contact if she hasn't by the 30 day mark.

share your views and ideas with me, any personal experience would be great, i did read something about going no contact, for 30 day, initiate contact and try to act like you just want to be friends, and re attract him or her


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  • Make a complete severing - don't contact her and start your life again. Sounds messy, it'll only get messier if you string it out, trust me!

    • so im right for working on myself , and just gave her some space and time, to maybe lose all the negative feelings she has about me. Its hard because every day i dont write to her i feel like im losing her for good, but at the same time, there was a time she really liked me, and i dont think those feelings ever go away, i just need to be a better version of me, before all this happened. her making the vague comment about trying again over few months, time , and the way she reacted towards her seeing me with a different girl, tells me i still have some hope. she asked me not to write to her, last time, so i guess thats her way of asking me to give her some space. it hurts she might have a rebound relationship, but i know im better than this guy, i just have to proof it all over again. im going to the gym, and show her indirectly that im a great guy to be around with

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