I have found out that my ex had broken up with me due to trust issues. where do you think I stand and any advice is welcome?

1 week ago: my ex broke up with me over a week ago we have been together 2 1/2 years, she told me we felt more like friends and we wanted different things. 5 days after i met up with her as she was helping me with a job application and she was very flirty and clearly wanted to still be with me. i found out she had told a mutual friend that we broke up because she was unhappy, tho 2 weeks before the break up she had been hinting to me about marriage (what she has hinted at a lot of time before). i had told her i did not believe in marriage (the same answer i always gave her) but secretly tho i did plan on someday proposing. i have a feeling her work mates are putting poison in here ears about me as well as one of her work friends is recently single and feel she wants another single friend. i have spoken to her several time by text (if i was to text her she would reply) and once on the phone. she seams like she wants to meet up but is busy (this is partly true tho she could if she wanted to find some time for me). i have been given no closure by her and am heartbroken. i have written her a letter to let her know the things i did not say when we was in the relationship tho i have not given this to her yet. in the relationship i didn't treat her bad but i did take advantage of her good nature and put my friends before here on almost every occasion and am aware of my mistakes tho now i think it is to late.

Today: i have now found out that my ex had broken up with me due to trust issues. i have been faithful to her but she was jealous of other girls and one particular girl who used to flirt with me. i made the situation worse by not telling the girl to go away and my ex kept this bottled up for a hole year. she has said that she won't feel any different about ending things and that she now feels a scene of freedom (now the weight of worry has gone) and enjoys her own space. she still speaks to me and is finding the break hard. i am giving her my letter tomorrow.


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