Ex is talking so bad about me on Facebook?

It's been 2 months now since my ex and I have talked. He was always leading me on, he had other girls he was constantly flirting with online, giving girls that he met online his number, emotionally unavailable. I knew it was toxic and it wasn't healthy and we ended about 2 months ago. Now he started an online smear campaign just bashing me to everyone on his online posts and calling me a fake, phoney , liar, saying i abused him, psycho, even saying I'm stalking him online! This has really upset me because he has a lot of friends and many of them were bashing me along also. I can't believe it! He's a 36yr old man!! Why would he do this? I've left him alone, and I haven't talked bad about him to anyone after we broke up. Why would a guy do this? Would people online believe these horrible things he's said about me? It's stressed me out and I feel like he's doing anything to rip me apart to everyone


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  • Seems clear your ex is both extremely immature and very capable of nursing an ill-conceived grudge, First thing to do would be to report his account to Facebook, and second thing would be to consider a restraining order. Yes, those orders can include social media/ third party harassment.
    As for why he is doing this, it's hard to say for certain, but probably revolves around a "I can't believe that bitch dumped me" temper-tantrum.
    Don't worry so much as to why. Do take positive steps to shut his online bullying down..

    • He pretty much is the one that broke it off so as for why he's doing the bashing is beyond me. Also I deleted him from all my social networks a month ago, I only was able to see all of his bashing by a mutual friend.. and she deleted him shortly after also because of what he did. As for a restraining order I don't know about that, I'm being told by friends that he'll stop, hopefully that's soon cause he had plenty other women who would bide his time. In the meantime I've deactivated all social networks for now because it stressed me out. You think his actions may fade? I feel a restraining order sounds drastic... I don't know

    • I'd keep a restraining order in the back of my mind for awhile. A just-in-case option. See what happens in the meantime. Maybe the anger/temper-tantrum will fade after awhile.

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  • As has been suggested, you should report his account and then block him. It's sad when ex-boyfriends turn into psychos and accuse you of things. I've been through something similar a couple of years ago with a guy who told everyone I was stalking him. Like you, I was concerned that people would believe him. But in the end, those people that believe him are going to be those people who don't know you, and what those people believe doesn't matter at all. I don't know why your ex-boyfriend does it. It could be his hurt ego, it could be that he's scared you're going to tell people the truth about him (that he flirted with other girls, that he was leading you on, etc.) and he's trying to portray you as this crazy woman just in case you do tell people the truth. I found out months later that my ex-boyfriend did it because he found a new girl and I assume he was scared that she'd find out that in the beginning when he started seeing her, he was still sending me rather intimate messages. So in my case, I guess it was the "let's paint her as this crazy psycho so that if things surface, nobody will believe her" thing.

    • Thanks for the advice, yes actually he did start seeing someone else right before we broke up, he didn't know I knew but I did. I didn't care at that point because I knew he was toxic and I was better off. I just never thought he would be such a jerk and say all these things. He does have a huge ego and he's a narcissist so I probably shouldn't be surprised but I still find it hurtful. I hope by now his online bashing has faded.. I've never had an ex do this. It has given me some anxiety

    • It's horrible when someone does that to you. I remember how bad I felt back then and I was even ashamed because I thought people would just believe whatever he says about me. I sort of always felt the need to defend myself but I didn't want to get involved in anything so I said nothing at all. Your ex will stop eventually. The thing is that he will most likely do the same thing to the next girl who breaks up with him (he's possibly already done it to others), so with time people will see that he's the liar with the issues.

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  • The fact he's saying all that makes him look immature and a douchebag.

    If anyone is reading that stuff and believing it, then they lack brain cells.


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  • Ignore him he is trying to upset you. Block him and if we continues doing so -report him


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