Can I just not talk to him?

So I was seeing this guy for a few months.. We agreed that he would tell me if he felt like he wanted to be with someone else. I recently found out that he has been sleeping with someone else. I tried to play it cool and act like it didn't bother me especially when it appeared that he had ended it. He has continued to act as if I don't know even though he is fully aware that I know. Well I find that I cannot be cool about it. This girl wants to stop hooking up with him but he keeps trying to talk her into it. I would like to be done with him because I am hurt and angry because we have worked together and been close friends for 4 years. I just can't pretend anymore. Can I just stop talking to him? Or should I just speak when spoke to?


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  • tell him how you feel about it and that you dont want to continue seeking him and the you can walk away.

  • Honestly, you can do whatever feels best for you. After the way he's treated you he's not entitled to the respect that people who are broken up with are entitled to. If you don't want to talk to him anymore, then just don't. If there's things you want to tell him, then tell him. If I were you, I'd probably send him a message telling him that I don't wish to be in contact with him anymore and then I'd delete/block/forget. But it's up to you. Do whatever is best for you.


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