Women I need break up advise?

My girlfriend broke up with me and then a couple hours later she text me asking if I'm ok... I replied I'm chill and then the next day she text me again I'm I ok

Ok women why is she doing this if she dumped me?


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  • Guilt. Or wanting to know if you will try to get her back.

    • I have fought hard to keep us together. She knows I love her and we spend a lot of time together. Then she leaves me for another guy really?

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  • She cared about u at a point in ur live as did u
    she is just being nice and trying to stay friends

  • Because she still cares about you.. obviously.

    • But she played me that means she doesn't

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    • I never replied to her. I'm getting over the crying phase and it's turning into resenting her. She promised to never hurt me and I fell in love and then got cold and dropped me. I bet she got back w her ex she won't tell me.

    • It happens to us all. Understand that she is not the right person for you, and you are better off not being in a relationship that isn't right for you.

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