What does 'moving on' mean in your eyes?

I was chatting with my boyfriend earlier today when he brought up the topic of our exes. Both of our previous relationships ended with cheating, so of course pretty terribly.

We had a minor disagreement that left me pretty upset. When I'm upset, I tend to just go all quiet and supposedly look pretty sullen. He wants to talk it over and it ends with him saying he really doesn't like seeing me upset because it reminds him of how things ended with his ex and that was a pretty dark time for him. He then got on to talking about how it's been 2 years and he only recently started to fully 'move on'. Which started another discussion when I said I understand, that I think I've practically moved on from my own situation.

I realize the only way I can fully get closure or move on is if it were to never have happened. Regardless, he continues going on about how I haven't fully come to terms with what happened.. despite me saying that?

In your eyes, how would you define 'moving on' from an ex?


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  • :o relationship problem number 2 in like 3 months.

    Ex's will forever be a part of our lives and we never "fully" move on.

    • lol what, your'e keeping track eh?

      This isn't really a problem. We pretty much 'made up' 5 minutes later but I'm just curious what he could have meant by 'moving on'. You're right, unfortunately I don't think it's possible to move on from the memory completely. Maybe just accept what's happened and allow it to become part of the past rather than looking for faults in oneself?

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    • I do not agree with you. Of course you can move on. That is so possible. At least that is what I have experienced.

    • Thank. :o

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  • You don't carry those special, romantic feelings for them whatsoever, and you no longer lament the loss of those special, romantic feelings.

    You no longer feel the warmth of their light, but you also don't feel the resulting cold from the shadow that appears when they depart.

    • okay yeah that's more or less how I view it. I definitely remember both the good times as well as the bad, but don't find it gets me down half as much as it would closer to the break-up. Almost like an outside perspective. Nor do I view my ex in a romantic light anymore.

      Despite it ending terribly, I'm actually glad it all happened. I learned a LOT about relationships, as well as myself in the aftermath. :)

  • Learning from it, moving over it, never forget it and cope to live without it.

  • forget him/her maybe?


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  • Moving on is something you do not realize when you do it. You realize later. Like you do not remember for example his eyes, his voice anymore. Suddenly you realize his number does not come to your mind. You can not recall the numbers.. Then you notice, there is nothing left. Feelings... well they dissapear with the time. Nothing go forever , especially feelings , love. It needs to be fed , watered like flowers. If noone waters it, it will die. That is exactly the same like in the nature.
    Memories you keep them of course ( not all of them even) BUT not in a romantic way. Like you remember a film scene. That is all about it.

  • Letting go of the past

  • You never fully "move on". You don't really forget the past. The definition would be 'the state where one decides it's best not to think about the past anymore.'


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