Biggest mistake of my life. How do We quit talking?

I've been talking to this girl for like 8 days right. (Through text messages) She sent me some photos I liked, but when I went to see her for the first time Biggest disappointment, I fucked up. She is not my type. I don't want to date fat girls no offense! But how do I tell her I don't like her cause she's fat? We just met tonight. And I want to stop all contact with out Makeing her sad. Feel me?
Fuck it im going to just tell her not to message or text anymore


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  • 1. Don't tell her it's because she's fat, are you serious? Just tell her you're not interested.
    2. This is not the biggest mistake of your life and if it is, you have a wonderful life.

    • Nah the biggest mistake was talking to someone that I didn't really know what they looked like. And I'm not going to say because she fat. But I will say I'm not interested

    • She's goin to think that's why though :/

  • Just tell her you are sorry you are just not interested, it was nice talking to her but unfortunately you did not have such a great time when you met. Just DO NOT tell her that it is because of her weight.


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