When to contact my ex after she broke up with me but she told me she still has feelings?

So my girlfriend of 10 months broke up with me this past Sunday basically citing that we have different personalities and she's looking for a husband to have those kind of characteristics. But She said that she still loves me and doesn't see how things could work out while I tried to explain that things could likely work out if we communicate better and work on our relationship a bit.

She lingered around my place a while after collecting her things and I imagine it was because she thought it may be her last time at my place and didn't want it to end as she's a bit torn about ending things as well...

She then texts me later that night telling me how much she missed me and being in my arms. I told her if she wants us to be broken up that I can't talk to her like nothing happened and be her friend because it would hurt me too much... but that I do care for her deeply and if her feelings change about things to let me know... she said that her feelings are still there for me and that's not the problem. Later on she messaged me telling me she loves me and I told her i loved her too. Now a couple days have past without messaging each other.

It's been killing me to not have her to talk to everyday which we normally did and I'm sure it is bothering her as well even though she is quite good at simply shutting down her feelings entirely. lately I've been thinking of msg'ing her and trying to convince her to give it another shot but I feel like more time should pass first to give her space to think about things but I also don't want to wait too long to the point where she shuts out all feelings because she wants to get over me as well.

How much time do you think should pass since we last spoke before I message her? I love her a lot and know I have to give it one more shot before I force myself to forget about her entirely


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  • Don't try to convince her, you shouldn't have to convince someone to be wih you. If she really did love you then she would do anything to make the relationship work. Her words mean nothing if her actions don't support them.


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  • 10 months... scratches chin, gets calculator out and proceeds to equate... at the bare minimum 2 weeks to a month or even more. You should get to a point to where you have no feelings for her before you talk to her as a non boyfriend. You broke up for a reason and if it is really meant to be then there's no reason you can start over later. Start over, not continue! Dig?


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