Confused on my friendship with my ex! Help?

My ex is confusing me! After 2 days of breaking up he started begging for my attention. And it made me very mad because he ignored me during the relationship because he just wanted to be friends. But for a week he texted me like crazy and followed me everywhere at school. He'd always be laughing and lit up. He would even compliement me and wear the clothes that I bought him when we were dating. I had expected him to burn everything since he did that with his past girlfriends. But, I gave in to him since he never gave up to convince me that we were best friends. And we talk all the time. And I just asked him for the cards that I made him. And he asked why I needed them and I said I needed to throw them away myself for closure. And he said he really wanted to keep them. I just want to know what is going on and how come he has treated me completely different from his other exes.


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  • He's treating you this way cos he wants to feel dominant. You keep giving him attention for his little showy fits, so he's pulling any string he can to get your attention to feel relevant. Ignore him, act like he's a ghost & he'll fall back in about 2 weeks.


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