Will an ex lie to you just to get over you?

I broke up with my ex a few months ago but I still love him and have been trying to get him back. He recently told me he doesn't miss me anymore, is it possible he could be lying just to get over me or is he really over me? He still follows me on some social media sites.


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  • Years ago i told an ex had no feelings for him anymore. I even told my friends the same thing. Deep inside, i still cared about him. I knew we couldn't be together, because it was a volotile relationship. So, i lied so he wouldn't keep trying to get back to me.


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  • Does he respond to your texts? If he does (no matter if the content is negative or not) he's still into you

    • No he doesn't respond, and I have since ceased contact.

  • An ex following you on social media isn't a clue of what he feels for you.

    • I agree with this too. My ex has cyber followed me for 7 months and he's never contacted me at all.

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    • @lustylucy i still talk to my exes like 4 of them. So does that mean that the 4 or them still wants me back?

    • Yep indeedy. Lucky you, all mine run for the hills.

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