Need advice on what I need to ask and know when working out a custody agreement?

Any advice or heads up would greatly be appreciated. I'm due in June and the father is in the Navy and will be moved to a base out of state.


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  • At some point, "Who's going to be responsible for paying medical insurance for the kids?" will pop up. My advice is that you take that responsibility and that you get child support to cover it. However, since he's in the military, maybe you situation is special. I raise this issue because a woman I work with got all pissed-off today: In her divorce decree, her husband was supposed to be responsible for the kids' healthcare, but he's a lazy parent whereas she is vigilant. So, she is looking to take it over and have him pay for it.


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  • Oh boy.. how much time do you have! I guess starting off what type of custody do you expect to request what are you expecting father will request? For example my ex didn't want full time or even 50/50 custody and I knew this going into negotiations.

    • He knows with his job he won't be able to have her 50% because he is also going to be in a different state all he keeps saying is he wants to be able to see her when he has time off. I don't mind him doing that at all my only concern is that as a baby him taking her for a week when she is 8 months old to spend his Christmas leave with her is scary since he won't be around for the first 7 months of her life. How can I get him to understand that the first few years will be hard and unrealistic for him to take her for days at a time when the only parent the child knows is me the mother

    • You can definitely argue that in court and it would only make sense given baby's age. Look up cases with this type of custody and see how it's written. Maybe it's something like while the child is getting to know the father he only spends limited time near mothers residence.

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