How do you deal with pain from a breakup?

Its been months since my ex left me but my mind keeps playing over memories I had with him, every word he ever spoke. I mean my mind feels like it wants to just hold on to him and I dont know exactly how to move on, even when it feels like I have then I'll hear the tv talk about some dude with his first name on some commercial and the sound of his name. brings back memories. I dont know if this sounds crazy but yeah. He was my first love, I just would like to get some opinions on how to stop feeling so in termoil by it. Have any of you gone through the same thing and wanna share?


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  • This is the 'trick' I used after my breakup, and it might work for you as well.
    Just push out the 'happy' thoughts about him, and fill your mind only with the 'nasty' stuff he did. Whenever you think of him, consciously think ONLY about the bad memories you have about him. After a while, you'll realize that you aren't really thinking too much about him!

    • hmm.. i'll try that. i never really allowed myself to feel angry towards him instead i felt like i had lost someone close to me and i dont know why i took it that way. theyre are a few good bad memories now that i think about it, thanks for your advice and im glad to see that you dont feel sad forever like i somewhere keep thinking im going to be lol

    • You are most welcome!
      Some people take longer than others to get over their ex, but it is definitely with the capability of every human being! :)

    • I hope so:)

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  • By occupying yourself with other things.. and other guys.

    • thankyou for your advice, i do try and pre- occupy myself but maybe im not doing it enough

    • well, it takes time to filter the good from the bad guys.. bad guys only makes you miss him more... good guys will make you forget him :)

    • haha lol this is so true

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  • concentrate to your hobbies... :-)

    • i have been doing that lately. i like to draw realism. i noticed that after the break up my artistic side came out. Despite the fact that im upset I actually thank him for doing what he did because he opened meup to myself in knowing who I was. Dont worry o didn't actually thank him lmao!

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  • I think time is the only thing.

    • Yeah I just dont like the fact of wondering how long it will take, im afraid that there will be a part of me that will always feel this way even its the smallest fraction :/ like how people say u never truly. get over ur first love

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