My ex just texted me after 4 days of NC?

Hey, me and my ex broke up a few weeks ago at first we decided to stay friends and speak every now and then but i found it hard so we decided we would go with no contact, its been 4 days of not talking to him and its been extremely hard for me but I've kept to it because i know its for the best. I also know that he has been speaking to another girl so i figured i should start moving on too. However, this morning when i woke up i had a text on my phone from my ex with just a smiley face ":)" I have no idea why he just sent me a smiley face on its own because we haven't spoken for 4 days? :S does it mean he is thinking about me? Im so confused by it and dont know what i should say back or whether i should just ignore it? I kinda want to move on because our relationship was quite a hassle in that we argued ALL THE TIME so breaking up was defiantly the best thing we could of done but i do love him and when i found out he was speaking to another girl i was overwhelmed with jealousy and actually had to stop myself from messaging the girl he is talking to and telling her to back off! What could the smiley face mean after 4 days of not speaking? Or does it mean nothing? Any advice and thoughts would be amazing right now!


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  • This stuff is sooo complicated when there is still raw emotions! Honestly I think the best thing would be to ignore it. It's not like he actually said anything worth hearing. And if you start chatting now it will just prolong the time it takes to move on. Even if you got back together your problems don't just disappear... In most cases they are amplified after a short time back together.

    And who knows maybe he was just loanly and horny and wanted to chat to you? He isn't going to be thinking straight and could say any shit making the process even harder

  • first fuuck your ex , don't think about him he is a douchebag don't text him , if you want to get over it you have to get in a relation with a suitable guy , second let me tell you this , any guy who just broke up with his gf he is just so happy and wants to meet another girl and he doesn't care about you anymore after sometime. he will come crying to you so he could be your bf again then you'll be with another guy who you are happy with. just look for someone who you like , it'll take some time but it's worth it :)


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