My gf has broke up with me and I want her back what do I do?

we split up 3 weeks ago Friday coming. We had wedding booked and were looking at houses. then out of the blue she broke up with me and said didn't love me anymore.
when i text her i get angry messages and sometimes no response. i saw her other day and she was blunt with me. help me get her back.
ok thanks for advice, just feel it has gone so quick and there is no talking to her at the moment. she has also put odd things on Facebook. just gie her time is best I presume?


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  • Okay. sometimes when a girl tell u she didn't love u anymore she actually saying the opposite of that.. try to talk to her in person and try to negotiate calmly maybe she has some problems and she just can't seem to be frank with u. If she the one , she will come back to u. Im not sure if my advise helps u in any way at all but I just want to help :)


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  • I've had a lot of bad breakups and if i could do them again id be less clingy and more mature. Id try to give her some space and time and i would focus on what i like doing. O and maybe i would try to strengthen social connections with (mutual) friends and family.

    You have to realise that there is nothing you can do to win her back she's not a prize there's no quest that you can undertake. She has to want to get back together aswel. You can however ruin it.

    If she still loves you she will try to meet up with you herself. If she does you get a chance to work things out. If she doesn't love you she won't and there won't be asnything you can do about it.


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  • The world is just a cruel place.

  • What u did to her to her say I dont love u anymore?

    • I don't know that's the thing. She hasn't told me anything, I've had nothing from her. She has threatened to block me from her phone and Facebook but never has and every night she is on Facebook a lot so she seems bored and lonely too. Don't know what to do next?

    • She blocked u!! I think someone told her u cheated her or she hear something bad about u from close friends maybe

      Blocked n Facebook its like no chance and its late to fix it unless she's angry for short time then she unblock u thats another story

      Usually material girls do that ,, girls who look after money and material things is she from this type?

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