Should I message my ex boyfriend?

My ex boyfriend and I broke up 3 and a half months ago. He broke up with me, because he felt I didn't love him as much and didn't accept him for who he was. Anyway none of that matters. We said we wanted to be friends, but he said he couldnt be straight away as it hurt too much. We did keep talking these last 3 months but things became bitter. I reached out to him 2 weeks ago and we spoke for 2 hours on IM but he didn't seem like the same person. The last thing he said was "talk sometime soon" It was then that i decided that i needed some space and decided to go No contact for a month, but he messaged me 10 days in when he saw me in the street and said "ive been meaning to ask how you are" and i ignored it and felt terrible... My question is in 2 weeks time if i wanted to reach out to him again for friendship how would i go about it... I know a lot of you will say don't do it but he can only ignore me.
Should I say somehing like " Hey i know its been a while, but i have been meaning to ask how you have been these last few weeks. Hope you are good."
Or do i go with a message explaining why i ignored him?



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  • I'd message him, asking how he is and I'd explain why I ignored him. He's reaching out to you, maybe reach back. :)

    • Thanks. I do want to. I feel I am strong enough to have him in my life, but i don't want someone who isn't going to actually be there as a friend ya know. Whenever I got him talking over these last few months he either ended up saying something to hurt me or saying its too hard to talk. I just really need to prove to myself that i can go a month no contact and i guess the hope was that he would miss me and reach out again. but I've given up on that too.

    • It seems like he still has feelings for you, thats why he probably says things that are hurtful and that its to hard to talk. Just make your intentions clear with him - I'm sure he'll understand.

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