Have you ever said something and not meant it?

This is kind of a three part question:

I broke up with my boyfriend last year but have been trying to get back together with him for months now. He's been ignoring me for months and I finally reached a boiling point and started texting him like crazy just to get a response out of him. He finally texted me back saying that he doesn't miss me and that he doesn't want to get back together. We were together for 6 months, we LIVED together, we always told each other how much we care for one another. How can he say such things? Does he really mean it? Is there a chance he could change his mind?


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  • Why'd you break up with him in the first place? If those issues were never resolved chances are they'll come back if you two get back together. If he's not responding he may have different feelings now from what he once had. I think he told you point blank he's not want the relationship to start again. It's sucks when you get your heart hurt but it doesn't mean there's not another out there who you'll be very happy with! :)

    • I forgot to answer your question! No, I don't say something I don't mean especially if it's a serious issue.

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