Read my post on the letter I sent my ex today. Click my username. Is this a letter I should send to maybe make things better?

Hi brandi

First off I want to say sorry for giving you an ultimatum. Sorry for the confusion. I was just compelled in thinking this could be enough time for you. Displaying that of an impatient person. I want you to know I will follow the guidelines of giving you space and not invading it. I don't think it would be a good idea to put a time limit on anything. There is a chance you could know what you want or there is a chance you might not know by that date. Still plan for it. It can be a friend lunch. I still want to keep our distance but I also want to be there for you. I cannot agree to me not being there for you or crissy. You said you are here as a friend if I allow you to be and I feel the same. I know that ultimatums cause resentment and I would not want that. So I'm saying I think the time apart is good. Keeping it short. No problem there because I think the time is definitely defining us. So on that date it can be talked about or not. At least we will have something to share. Space is good. But by any means if you need me I'm there. can't stress that enough. I would like you to be there on my bday if would like to share that moment with me. If not, it's no problem I definitely understand. Just know I miss you alottttt. What are your thoughts on this.
I sent this to her and she hasn't responded... help please


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  • If you have different needs and the relationship didn't work then you have to honestly determine if you want to see her again because you just miss her and you're hoping this is yiur quick fix, or if you really do feel comfortable with what your ex is asking. Don't try again if you will have to compromise who you are and what you need. A relationship won't work that way.

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    • And yet you gave her an ultimatum. You two couldn't work it out when you were together, that says something.

    • We could work it out when we were together. I got mad and ended it. Did not at allllll want that. It was anger.. not truth. Since then it's like I'm the one with the dumpee symptoms. I tried everything.. but give her space at the same time. So the ultimatum was to help me protect both of us. So I thought. She just texted me and said she understands and thanks

  • Awww, ur a sweetie. That's better
    It's perfect! Good luck honey :)

    • Thanks so much. am I wrong for wanting this to work soo bad? I just she doesn't get pushed away by this. I also think wayyyy to much

    • Do you think me getting her something for vday is to much in your opinion?

    • No, not if you love her, you're not wrong for wanting things to work.
      As far as getting her something ummm, I personally don't see the harm in it but, that's totally up to you. I'd say do it if you feel like it.
      It is a friendly gesture and girls will be girls ya know? do I think ur obligated too, no.
      Good luck! :)

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